TradeStation-TradingView Integration: A Step Towards the Future

If you’re a professional investor or a newbie trader in the world of using stock scanning software, the TradeStation-TradingView integration can make everything easy for you. 

Regardless of your experience or background, if you’re searching for a cost-effective and highly efficient analysis tool and stock purchase options, then keep reading about this partnership’s exclusive benefits!

The two of the most brilliant trading platforms have now joined ventures to form something more exciting and seamless than before. 

In fact, those people who found trading as complicated can now enjoy the world of trading better than ever!

TradingView: What’s It About?

TradingView is known in the investing community as a social-networking software that allows all investors to use cloud-based charting tools. 

By having access to a free account on this platform, new or experienced investors can conduct an in-depth analysis, research, or even basic-charting procedures. All of this is more than essential when it comes to trading with excellence.

The scanning software is accessible to both desktop and iOS device users, covering most of the software that people use these days. 

This application can be simply availed through the App Store by all those wishing to analyze their trade options using the proper tools. 

As they wanted to make it accessible to all, the creators left no gap inaccessibility.


Being easily accessible software, TradingView, allows investors of all backgrounds to avail of its services. 

TradingView’s features make it favorable and beneficial for all those who want to analyze their trade alternatives. 

Some of the many features that TradingView offers to its users include the following:

  • Stock Screener

TradingView allows traders to set a specific criterion regarding the kind of stocks they prefer or are currently in search of. 

Based on these particular criteria, the software screens all the available options in the market to search for the best one for the user.

  • HTML5 Charts

All traders have varying needs when they step on the trading floor. Some might want simple charts for tracking one or more stock alternatives, while others might want to focus on varying market segments. 

Regardless of the size or the industry, TradingView gets the job done by allowing the creation of both simple and multiple dynamic charts for analysis purposes.

  • Social Networking Software

In addition to offering excellent analysis instruments, TradingView creates a social community of active traders in the market. 

This feature of the application allows all traders to look at what their fellow investors are currently engaged in and also paves the way for future collaborations.

  • Other features

There are a number of other elements of TadingView that are essential for all traders in the current era. These features include the software’s extensive knowledge base, broad coverage, server-side alerts, and many others.


Like all software, TradingView also has its limitations. Broker support might be limited, but it is enough to get all the newbies started on their journey with this application. 

TradingView has room for improvement when it comes to offering customer support to those new to the world of trading.

TradeStation: What & How?

TradeStation is a robust trading platform that is now the first choice of many active traders in the stock market. 

It has been in the industry for a long time and is constantly updating its offerings and services to attract both novice traders and casual investors.

Being termed as an award-winning platform for its 99.99% uptime, TradeStation has maintained its reputation among the many clients it is offering its services to. 

The TradeStation-TradingView integration is also one of its recent changes that have increased the overall acknowledgment of the company.

Its increasing customer and user base combined with five-star reviews is proof that it is one of the most famous platforms for trading and has been in the game for a long time now. 

As the new joint venture is an unusual initiative, it can be seen that the future holds more surprises.


In recent years, TradeStation has shifted from its traditional stance and now provides several varying and advantageous features. Some of its exceptional advantages are as mentioned below:

  • Efficient trading platform:

TradeStation is a fast, reliable, and stable program that allows order execution and entry, charting, and in-depth technical analysis and research capabilities.

  • Competitive Pricing:

When it comes to pricing at TradeStation, it offers TS GO accounts at $0 while TS SELECT accounts for $2000 at minimum. 

The features offered have competitive pricing in the industry that is worth checking out.

  • Strong simulated exchange environment:

TradeStation allows its users to test their innovative trade ideas and creative strategies by using demo trade options. 

This feature does not require traders to risk their capital, which is what makes it more favorable.


Some of the setbacks of TradeStation that are well within the bounds of being controlled include the following:

  • Requires time for learning

In order to use its services to the fullest, new traders will have to spend a certain amount of time and effort on this tool. 

Through continuous learning, novices can become pros at using this tool.

  • Customer support is slow

Tech support offered by TradeStation might require long hold times, which can be disappointing for those who need timely support during critical trading hours.

TradingView Vs. TradingStation

Both TradeStation and TradingView have been in the trading industry due to the vigilance and effectiveness that they offer. 

Both these platforms have now collaborated through the Tradingview-Tradestation integration. 

They have their plus points and drawbacks that have led investors to leave mixed reviews regarding their capabilities and usage.

However, when it comes to popularity, TradingView has earned its name in the finance, investing, acknowledgment, analysis, and trading circles and is much more well-known among experienced investors and novice traders. 

It must be noted that both the platforms have things that make them famous, and both have drawbacks due to which they needed improvements. 

The combination of the two is the sole thing that led to the rebonding of things, and both of the platforms worked as the savior of the other platform.

TradeStation-TradingView Integration

As both the TradeStation and the TradingView are platforms that are loved by all and adored by all the traders present on the internet, it is not a surprise that they have decided to combine their forces and features to form one complete platform that has it all. 

This TradeStation-TradingView integration proves that there are more ways in the future that both the platforms will continue to improve and serve the users better than ever.

TradeStation Securities and TradingView Incorporated officially partnered in 2019 to introduce an API-powered integration. 

This TradeStation-TradingView integration has allowed both firms to provide their mutual customers with the ability to execute trades on one site, TradeStation, and continue their analysis of trade options on another application, TradingView.

The partnership between these two major players in the finance world has created a unique alliance adding to the individual benefits offered by each platform. 

Both companies will certainly gain new users as many want easy access to both charting analysis tools and trade placement capabilities.

TradeStation-TradingView Integration Benefits

The TradeStation-TradingView integration has opened new doors for all supported brokers by allowing them first to evaluate their alternatives and then place their trade orders. 

The integration makes it possible for all traders to execute these two distinct tasks without having the need to switch between two digital locations.

Social Media Presence

For TradeStation, TradingView has brought in the essential element of the use of social media for creating an online community. 

As in today’s world, the presence on social media is a thing that should not be ignored. 

As it has stepped it, it will gain more users and a platform for reviews and interaction.

Perfect Combination

TradeStation-TradingView Integration has made it possible for all brokers to utilize the perfect combination of execution, speed, and functionality creating award-winning brokerage services. 

Before this combination, these things were found in separate software and on separate platforms. 

The broker had to leave the platform most of the time to execute the charts. Now, they have the complete freedom to access everything in a single place.

Order Placement

For TradingView, it can now extend its services by making it possible for its clients to place their stock orders after they are done analyzing their options. 

TradingView’s 8 million active traders can avail of the order placement and execution services offered by TradeStation without needing to spend time and effort on transferring from one software to another.

Community Environment

Often many people are confused about the working of the platform, and when they have complications, they do not know fellow brokers. 

Now, these people have a platform that provides a community environment where people can share their thoughts and ideas. 

After all, when great minds combine, something big happens.

How to Get Started?

If you have made up your mind on taking advantage of the TradeStation-TradingView integration, then here’s what you need to do to get started on your first successful trade:

1. Create an account on TradingView and use its exceptional charting tools for doing research on the best stock options available in the market.

2. Go to the TradingView website, and in the Trading Panel tab, click on the TradeStation logo to make your first trade.

3. Select the type of account you would like to go ahead with and click on the Continue button to move to the next step.

4. Use your TradeStation account or create a new one if you don’t have it and make your first trade.

How Much Does It Cost?

New or expert investors can get access to the TradeStation desktop, browser trading, and mobile applications through the $5 trading plan for non-professional per-trade equities customers. 

The platform also offers other trading plans that charge $99.95 per month as a part of its commission plans.

Monthly fees charged for subscription to add-on software and trading apps may vary depending upon the type of application chosen. 

For more information regarding the specific fees charged, visit the official website of the trading platform. 

However, no matter what the price of the package is, it is worthwhile and beneficial.


Even though there are many explanations that may solve your inquiries, some questions still prevail and stay stuck in the head that can be confusing.

The answers to some general questions can make it easier for you to experience the many benefits the TradeStation-TradingView Integration has to offer.

Where to find a glossary of standard trading terms?

If you are unfamiliar with any new trading and investing terms, then head to the TradeStation University Trading Glossary to expand your knowledge. 

They willfully guide you through the system until you are completely satisfied.

How do I place a trade?

The intelligent order-routing algorithm at TradeStation & TradeView allows investors to place their orders from the Matrix Chart Trading and Market Depth Window platforms. 

TradeStation also offers automated strategies as substitutes for placing orders.

Can delayed data be used for making trades?

No. Clients at TradeStation are required to place orders for stock and trade options based on the present data.

Being a trader itself is a challenge as it requires timely updates, coherent data analysis tools, and an available order placing location. The TradeStation-TradingView Integration has introduced itself as the new update everyone wanted and was most looking forward to. 

As both of these platforms were lacking functions separately, they are doing better than ever together and even plan to expand in the near future. 

To fully make the most of this opportunity, try it now!

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