Products That Need To Be Invented

Your future is guided by the decisions you make now. With the rate of change increasing each year, the world is becoming more complex. The challenge for us is to adapt to it so that we can thrive in this ever-changing world. Products that need to be invented will help us in the adaption of these changes. 

For some people, technology has become a way of life. But what does the future hold? What are some trends that are coming? And where are things headed?

We are living in the future, but the world needs some help. From better healthcare to more affordable housing, inventions can help us solve many of our deepest problems. But sometimes, entrepreneurs get caught up in their day-to-day lives and forget to think about the bigger picture.

The 10 Products That Need to Be Invented

Some people believe that the future holds a lot of potentials. There are many creations globally that we may never put into practice. But it doesn’t hurt to let our minds wander about what can be invented to make our lives easier. The following 10 products are just some of how technology will help shape our future.

  • Oxygen particle extractor

In the future, we will have to invent new products that can extract oxygen from the air. This will be necessary to accommodate population growth and the depletion of fossil fuels.

The world’s population is booming, and we need to find ways to support everyone. The world’s oxygen levels are decreasing, and we’re running out of space to create new oxygen-producing areas. Scientists predict that, in the future, we will have to invent new products that can extract oxygen from the air, such as plants that produce oxygen or towers that release oxygen into the atmosphere.

We need a product that can extract oxygen from the air and turn it into a breathable gas. These devices will be necessary to at least partially address global warming and population growth.

Won’t it be quite the innovation if, rather than carrying the heavy gas cylinders, which are quite bulky. This extractor would separate the oxygen from the hydrogen peroxide for the case of deep-sea divers. By so doing, the divers and researchers could essentially stay underwater without the need to come back to the surface for air? If you ask me, this is one of the products that need to be invented.

  • Battery-less devices

One of the most heartbreaking things in the world, and you will agree with me, is your devices going off due to power. This happens mostly when you are out and have no access to a charger. Or lost and need to make a call. 

The light at the end of the tunnel is a team from the Georgia Institute of technology that is in course to invent a way devices can self-power through movements: body movements.

Battery-less devices need to be invented to make our lives easier. Every day new battery-less devices are being developed. The more battery-less devices that become available, the less we rely on batteries.

These so-called “battery-less” devices use various technologies to generate the power they need. Some use kinetic energy, while others rely on solar power or even heat from your hand. They have a huge range of applications, too – from lighting to recharging your phone and even powering your car! This is, in principle, one of the products that needs to be invented and would be great for use in medical devices that would save numerous lives.

  • Meat made out of plant-based sources

Companies such as Impossible Foods and New Wave Foods have been working for years to create meat and dairy alternatives that look, feel and taste just like the real thing. The goal is to bring animal-free products to market that can completely replace traditional meat and dairy products.

Impossible Foods is a company that creates plant-based meat substitutes. They make a product called the Impossible Burger, which looks, tastes, cooks, browns and even smells like ground beef from cows. 

New Wave Foods is another company that specializes in plant-based meats made from soybean protein. They make a product called Beyond Meat which also looks, tastes, cooks, browns, and smells like ground beef from cows, but it doesn’t contain any animal products or cholesterol. 

This product brings inclusivity as it lets those who cannot consume and digest proteins without an allergic reaction or those with religious beliefs enjoy the great tastes infused in these products. In my view, this is one of the products that need to be invented.

  • Self-driving cars

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could get inside your car and speak or write command and the vehicle does exactly as you asked? Just think of the many times you have been out there going round in circles because you are conversant with using maps, and now you can simply speak the location and sit back and relax, and the car will take you there.

A lot of science fiction stuff has featured self-driving cars. This innovation will drastically change the experience of moving from one point to another. When you think of the long rides and the high risks working environment that come with it, driver-less cars will restructure the transport industry. 

The impact of self-driving cars will lower carbon emissions and support an Eco-friendly lifestyle. The number of accidents will reduce significantly. According to WHO, about 1.3 million people perish every year due to road accidents. 

  • Lego Vacuum

You must agree that even tough Legos are really helpful when it comes to inventiveness, cleaning up these tiny objects can be really frustrating. You can be walking around in the dark, and you step on a Lego. That is one painful experience. 

A Lego vacuum is one product that needs to be invented. The vacuum will collect all the parts of the Lego and put them into an environmentally safe bag. The vacuum ensures that all the pieces are picked up, and none are left lying around because they were not seen. 

  • 3D printers

In the tech world, 3D printing is the latest trend. The 3D human printing will replace video conferencing because the 3D printing will be as if the person is in the room. If you have been invited to a meeting and you are unable to attend because of distance, the 3D human printing will let you put on a virtual reality suite and turn it on wherever you are. 

During the meeting, the suit will also move its arms whenever you move your arms. The suit will also project a voice similar to yours. This is something close to teleportation because it will be like we are all attending the meeting because of the gestures and voice.  

Has anyone ever misplaced their keys and taken ages to recall? This is the gadget that would save you loads of time at the click of a button. Lost car keys will have you struggling to open your doors with many different tactics. This is another element on the list of the products that need to be invented due to its frequent occurrence

  • Desalination

In the recent years, the global water shortage has been a topic of discussion both in academic circles and among those concerned with finding solutions for those without access to clean drinking water. The scarcity of water is a serious issue that affects many people around the world, not just developing countries.

With the increased scarcity of fresh water and population growth, there is an increasing need for innovative solutions to provide adequate drinking water for all. One possible solution is to explore ways to remove salt from seawater. 

This innovation would significantly impact life across coastal regions that are subject to high-intensity storms and flooding and populations living in arid areas with few freshwater resources.

Making seawater drinkable is a game-changing invention that would negate most if not all global environmental issues while providing a solution to the freshwater problem around the world. If any of these are to be made first, I’d obviously prefer this to be the first one of the product that need to be invented.

  • Screens in movie theater toilets

Even had tummy discomfort that had you running to the clock room while on a movie date? Well, this is for you. How bummed were you upon getting back to the theater knowing nothing that went on while you were away? 

So that you miss no minute of your movie of choice, screens should be installed playing with similar timing as what is on the big screen. Any takers of this item from the products that needs to be invented?

  • Dream recording device

Did you know that a human being dreams about four to seven times a night? Most of these dreams are forgotten as soon as someone wakes up or a few minutes after they wake up. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can be able to record all your dreams and watch them again the following day in 3D?  

You could use a product such as Tivo to record your dreams. It will get activated as soon as one is in REM Sleep (rapid eye movement) which is approximately 90 minutes after a person falls asleep. 

You can also categorize the dreams such as comedies, terrifying, adult-rated, etc. And if you want to share your dream with people, you can easily upload it to YouTube, film it or better yet, make a movie out of it.  

If there are dreams that you do not want to remember, you can program the device to delete them. 

  • Common cold cure

The cure of common cold has not been found yet in the 21st century. You all know the irritating feelings that come along with a common cold such as sniffing, chest congestion, etc. 

Everyone stays away from you and this is not a good feeling. One of the products that needs to be invented very fast is the remedy for the common cold.   

Where Do You See the Future of Technology Going?

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate, and we’re not always sure what the future holds. But there are some trends we can see on the horizon that will change how we live our lives.

One trend is wearable technology. Wearable tech was predicted to be big in 2021, with more than 150 million devices expected to be sold this year alone. Wearable tech includes items like fitness trackers, smartwatches, and glasses that offer an enhanced travel experience with augmented reality and virtual reality.

Another trend is the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is a network of internet-connected devices that communicate with one another, and it’s predicted to be a $4 trillion industry by 2025! When you combine wearables and IoT, you can see how this could change your life in many ways. For example, your car could communicate with your house, so you don’t have to worry about getting locked out when you forget your keys at home.


The future holds a lot of promise. It offers a chance for us to solve many of the world’s problems. There is a need for constant innovation and new products that will make life easier. But as we venture into the future, it is important to keep in mind that some advancements are not always positive.

Our world is changing with each passing day. Our lifestyles are constantly evolving, and our habits are morphing into different roles. Many of these changes are due to new technologies that have become pervasive in our society. Some people might not like the pace of change, but there’s no slowing it down. As we find ourselves adapting to this ever-changing world, the future is impossible to predict—but some things will always be certain.

When you consider these trends, it makes sense why someone would want to invent something new for now or for later. What is in your list of products that need to be invented next?


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